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Get Qualified Help From Sunshine Senior Placement

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

The Services of a Qualified Local Senior Placement Company “What is Senior Placement?” Senior placement started approximately 20 years ago by local agencies that could charge the public for helping them find elderly care facilities. It quickly evolved into a service where the communities were willing to pay the agencies for a client and this led to the service becoming “free” to the public. Due to Florida being popular for seniors and the assisted living industry exploding in the last 15 years, this made senior placement a necessity and a valuable service for both the public and senior living communities. With the Internet making everything easily accessible, adult children and even seniors have begun to use theInternet to find products and services for seniors. This led to the creation of national online senior placement companies. These companies spend a lot of money in order to appear high on the list of results returned by search engines. They advertise on TV and newspapers using celebrities to endorse them. But Beware of these companies! “Which Senior Placement Services Are Best – Online vs Local” Transitioning from a home to a senior living community is a very stressful situation and must be handled in a professional and supportive manner. Working with a local senior placement advisor who has firsthand knowledge of the communities, takes you to visit them, and helps with all other aspects of the transition is the best practice. National online placement companies have no knowledge of the communities they represent and will not provide personal, hands-on support like the local companies do. With an online company you must first complete a simple intake form which captures your name, address and location preference. From there, your information is forwarded to the marketing directors of the communities within a 20-mile radius of your zip code. The online company will email you a list of the communities that they forwarded your information irregardless of your budget and care needs and you will then be bombarded by dozens of Marketing Directors as you continue the search on your own. Also, these companies spend large sums of money to show up on the top of the search lists on Google when you search for a specific senior community and you are actually giving the online company your contact information not the direct community. You will become frustrated and then if you decide to work with a local senior placement specialist later on, they will not be able to get paid for their work since your information has already been flushed to all of the buildings. “So Why Choose Sunshine Senior Placement?” We were built to be the best local, hands-on senior placement company in Florida. We have set the bar by providing the best practice in the industry and only representing reputable communities. Sunshine Senior Placement representatives live and work locally in Florida. Our representatives are accomplished and compassionate professionals who know their Senior Living Communities that they represent and are equipped with local resources to support their client’s every needs. At Sunshine Senior Placement, we carefully choose our relationships with Retirement and Assisted Living Communities to ensure that these senior communities have proper credentials, are deficiency-free, and rated at the highest healthcare standards. Before representing any community, we do a personal tour and inspection of the community and review their state surveys. We have developed a professional resource network called “Florida Senior Care Solutions”. This is a group of local businesses providing specific services for seniors, including elder law and estate planning; full-service mover, realtor, geriatric care management, medicare & private home care, medical supplies, personal emergency response systems, Veterans & Medicaid benefits; and healthcare insurance. We are now a “one-stop shop” for all senior services. We currently represent over 500 Retirement, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care/Alzheimer’s, Residential Style Assisted Living Communities, and Senior Daycares in Florida. We can also guide you to the best Nursing Homes and Rehab Centers. It is our ongoing effort to seek out the best, so that our clients are shown quality communities throughout Florida. Please contact us whether you need our service now or in the future. Our service is free. As your senior living advisor, we can work together to make transitioning to a senior living community a seamless and positive process. -Arnie Cowan, NHA RD, President

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