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Founded in 2007 by Arnie Cowan NHA RD, President. You will be working with Arnie and his team of experienced Senior Specialists (150 years of combined senior living industry experience) in finding the perfect Senior Living community for yourself or a loved one. We represent over 500 of the finest Senior communities in Florida. We have already done the research for you and guarantee a positive outcome as we help and guide you every step of the way with this monumental task.


Since 2007 our team has grown immensely to meet the growing demand for senior placement. We employ the most qualified and compassionate senior specialists to ensure that each client is guaranteed the expertise it deserves. Over the years we have also developed a strong network of connections with other professionals in the field so there are no restrictions on what we can provide.


Arnie Cowan, President - Cell # 954 326 0756

Email: arnie@sunshineseniorplacement.com



Arnie Cowan NHA RD, is the President and Founder of Sunshine Senior Placement, a privately owned and Florida based company since 2007. With 25 years personally of industry experience in Senior Living & Health Care administration as a Managing Partner, Executive Director, Nursing Home and Assisted Living Administrator, and Dietitian.  Arnie has spent his entire working career serving Seniors.  He decided to start his own Senior Placement Company because he believed there was a void in the Senior Living industry for someone to help families and seniors who were in search of an appropriate community and to do so in a compassionate, ethical, and intelligent fashion. The Senior Placement industry has grown immensely in the last 10 years with more local and online national operators to choose from.  Sunshine Senior Placement continues to strive to be Florida’s best choice for seniors and their families in search of a Senior Living community.  You will experience a very personal approach from myself and my Sunshine Senior Specialists from the moment you speak with us and through the entire process in your transition from your home to a Senior community.  Arnie carefully chooses the communities we  represent and completes a thorough site tour and review of state survey inspections. “if they pass my test then I can in good conscience represent them to our clients”.  With over 500 of the finest Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care communities to choose from plus a professional resource network to assist our clients, Sunshine Senior Placement is without question, Florida’s premier Senior Placement company.



Broward & Palm Beach County

Susan Jacobs, Senior Specialist

Cell #954 675 7716.










Nancy Weiss Aronson, Senior Specialist

Cell #561 305 7511












Lynda Goldman, Senior Specialist

Cell #561 901 8515










Nichole Clarke, Senior Specialist

Cell #561 577 6794










Palm Beach County South

Roechelle Engle, Senior Specialist

Cell #614 827 5440










Ellen Gruber, Senior Specialist

Cell #954 481 7375




 Broward County South / Miami Dade County

Eileen Casper, Senior Specialist

Cell #954 699 5818




Nina Rothstein, Senior Specialist

Cell #954 290 9460




Sherrie Marcus, Senior Specialist

Cell #305 607 3177   Sherrie@sherriemarcus.com



 Broward County North

Hilary Nadelman, Senior Specialist

 Cell #954 290 5399




 Lee & Collier County

Pete Demartis, Senior Specialist

Cell #914 393 7681  sunshineplacementduo@gmail.com



Cathy Demartis, Senior Specialist

Cell #914 419 0030 sunshineplacementduo@gmail.com



CALL US Toll Free: 1 (888) 954-7776

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Sunshine Senior Specialists


Broward & Palm Beach County:

Susan Jacobs – Cell: 954-675-7716

Email: scjakes@aol.com


Nancy Aronson – Cell: 561-305-7511

Email: nanaronson777@gmail.com


Lynda Goldman – Cell: 561-901-8515

Email: ljgsunshine@gmail.com


Nichole Clark - Cell: 561-677-6794

Email: Nichole1Sunshine@gmail.com


Palm Beach County South:

Roechelle Engle – Cell: 614-827-5440

Email: rocky@murrayengle.com


Ellen Gruber – Cell: 954-481-7375

Email: egruber15@aol.com


Broward County South / Miami Dade County:

Eileen Casper – Cell: 954-699-5818

Email: ecasperconsulting@aol.com


Nina Rothstein – Cell: 954-290-9460

Email: ninaski@aol.com


Sherri Marcus – Cell: 305-607-3177

Email: sherrie@sherrimarcus.com


Broward County North:

Hilary Nadelman – Cell: 954-290-5399

Email: hillnadelman@aol.com


Lee & Collier County:

Pete Demartis – Cell: 914-393-7681

Email: sunshineplacementduo@gmail.com


Cathy Demartis – Cell: 914-419-0030

Email: sunshineseniorduo@gmail.com